Capture and Measure Success Metrics with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools you can use to measure and monitor the success metrics of your website.

It provides the information you need about who visits your site, what they are looking for, how they got there and what search terms they used. Any person who want to monitor their website performance should use this free tool.

Many website owners have already heard about how Google Analytics can be helpful in understanding what they should work on to fulfill the needs of their readers, and at the same time try to capitalize on it to boost sales. The data extracted are extremely important and it might just give you the answer on how to increase the efficiency of your website.

This is a free tool and anybody can use it. As soon as you have set up your account, Google will immediately start to pull in useful data about your website that you can use to your advantage.

What does Google Analytics measure?

  1. Dimensions – These are the attributes of your website data, such as the town or city where the traffic came from, the social media you are evaluating or the page you are measuring.
  2. Metrics – These are the quantitative element of the dimensions. An example would be the number of traffic from New York City or Atlanta, Georgia.

While dimensions and metrics are the building blocks of Google Analytics, below is a list of the important data that Google Analytics can gather for you.

Average Time On Website – Gathering the data on how long visitors stay on your website will give you a small window of what they are looking for and if they have found what they need. This also determines the pages that are popularly visited by users.

Unique Visitors – If you often wonder how many people exactly visit your website daily, Google Analytics can help you determine the exact number of unique visitors everyday. There are parameters that you can set so that you can view the trends over a certain period of time.

Keywords Used – Using relevant and niche-appropriate keywords definitely helps boost traffic. If you want to know the keywords that are pulling traffic for you, Google Analytics can also give you with this data. Having this information at hand will help you understand what the users are looking for and help you strategize your keyword use in the future.

Sources of Traffic – In the event that you want to track or put a return of investment figure on your SEO efforts, you can definitely use Google Analytics to predict the future growth of your business. Using this tool will allow you to see where all of your traffic comes from and you can also visit the referring links used by your visitors.

Conversions – The conversion data from Google Analytics tell you how people convert on your website and which part of it needs some improvement to increase your conversion rate.

Now that you know the importance of installing Google Analytics, there are some pointers you need to work on to proceed to the next step.

  1. Make sure that the tool is implemented properly. If you are using WordPress, you can easily use the analytics plugin to implement the tool correctly.
  2. Once you have determined the performance of your website, you can dive into further information that will help you improve on your weak points. For example, if people cannot find you through organic search, try to check if you can pull up the data you need to learn why.
  3. Outline the dimension and metric that will show the questions you have regarding your website. For example, if you want to know how many of your visitors dropped by to your website through organic search, you can simply look at the organic traffic of one of the pages.

Think of Google Analytics as a handy tool that can resolve problems. But try not to see it as a solution, but rather a place where you can see problems. Once you identify them, you can dive into the cause of the problem by analyzing the data you have gathered and formulate a plan on how to fix them.

The Potato Couch Guide To Start Losing Weight

We all have periods when we simply sulk at home on the couch in front of the TV, doing nothing but munch on unhealthy snacks for hours while watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians or Uncle Grandpa.

Whether you are a couch potato for a day or a month, this type of inactivity and passiveness will affect your health at many levels.

Recent research shows that acting as a potato couch has more negative effects that we initially thought. A report from Tel Aviv University has found that the precursors of fat called preadipocyte cells tend to mature into fat cells quicker when your body is lying or sitting down.

This means your body gains weight faster than for those who eat a lot but still maintain an active lifestyle.

To break this habit, you need to start an exercise routine, no matter how minimal the physical activity is. Some is better than none!

Once you practice a specific routine on a daily basis, it becomes a habit. Soon enough, your body will thank you for deciding to apply the necessary actions to become physically fitter. But how do you start?

Follow the steps below to help you get out of that potato-couch state.

Step 1: Choose An Activity

If exercising is completely foreign to you, it is best to start with simple exercises like walking or riding a bicycle. Get used to how your weight feels when you move. By taking long walks or rides everyday, you will start to notice that your mind is clearer and you have more energy throughout the day.

Picking an activity you like is also important when choosing to do something new. You should never view exercise as a punishment, but rather a hobby that you enjoy and look forward to. If you want to start learning how to dance, you can enroll yourself in a dance class for beginners and observe how your body responds to this activity.

Regular activities like swimming in the pool, cleaning the house, gardening or riding a bike, also count as exercises. You do not necessarily need to go to the gym right away to do some work out. You can start at home and make these daily chores purposeful.

Step 2: Set Achievable And Clear Goals

It is important that you set achievable weekly goals. For other people, it might be to swim 4 laps this week and 5 laps the next week. For you, you can use the stairs once a day and double the activity next week. Or anything else that fits your particular situation.

Set one simple, clear and realistic goal at a time. Start small and build up from there. When your goals are clear and achievable, you will continue to work with the purpose of self improvement.

Make sure to track your weekly achievements so that you have a visual representation of how well you are doing.

Step 3: Push Yourself Harder

If you have been going slow for weeks and your typical activities have started to feel comfortable, push yourself a bit more. For example, if you have been walking for two weeks, it is time to add some jogging to your health-boosting routine. You can even try to sign up for a gym membership if you are already confident enough.

Joining a fitness program is also an option you can look for. Following a program specifically tailored to people who are less physically active will help you get back on your feet and start losing weight faster than doing it on your own.

As your weight drops, your fitness level will increase. When it does, you will definitely see the perks of living an active lifestyle.

Step 4: Give Yourself A Reward

Rewarding yourself is important, just do not do it with food. You can reward yourself by putting money in a jar for every 5 lbs you lose, or getting a closet makeover every 8 weeks and see how many pants sizes you have dropped.

As of the moment, scientists are trying to find out what amount of sedentary activity is considered to be acceptable. But just to be safe, health practitioners are recommending to limit your television time and other sedentary activities like playing video games or surfing the internet.

If you sit down most of the time at work, it is also best to convert your office space into a stand up desk so that you get more regular physical movement. If this is not possible, taking short but frequent breaks to walk around or to stretch your body will also help.

Living a couch potato does not only make you gain weight, it also puts you at risk of obesity-related diseases like diabetes and stroke. To avoid all the health complications that can detrimentally affect your health, it is best to start getting up and becoming active.

College Fraternities and Sororities

Going to college means entering a new chapter of being a student. College life is composed of activities and learning that are hugely different from high school. When we enter college, we always ask if we should join a fraternity or a sorority.

Fraternities and Sororities exist in many universities. Most people who are involved in this kind of organizations are college students and most of these fraternities and sororities have Greek letter names. Regarding our question of whether we should join a fraternity or sorority, my advice is to think of these few things first.

If you are entering fraternities and sororities because you feel like you have to, then you must think again. It is true that being a member of a fraternity and sorority can give you a lot of amazing experiences and you will also meet many people and make friendships that will last for the rest of your life, but sadly, many college fraternities and sororities have become a serious problem within the past few years in many campuses from all over the world.

These kind of school organizations have increased in numbers and have become well established under the eyes of the school authorities, who have suddenly realized that they are dealing with a force that is not easy to control and even less easy to remove from the environment of the school.

Fraternities and sororities need your loyalty and solidarity for the organization, so you need to balance you time for your studies and the fraternity or sorority’s activities. If this is something that sounds like it would be too much of a commitment for you, then you should think again and again if you really want to be a part of it.

Fraternities and sororities want people to be very dedicated to them so that if they will tell you the organization’s top secrets, they can rest assured that you will never let them down. Sometimes you may be forced into unhealthy binge drinking activities.

At the end of the day, the decision is still in your hands, but I want you to bear all these in mind. You must always remember that you don’t have to hurry things because college can be fun with or without these fraternities and sororities.

Enjoying University

We always find depressing news when we watch the news or check our social networking profile’s web feeds because, in the last few months, we have been saddened by the continuing cases of college students who are committing suicide because of the problems that they are going through.

College is a very complicated and very serious stage of teenagers’ lives as students because in this level, if you will not make good of your studies, there is a big possibility that all of your sacrifices will be for naught. In this part of our life we will also encounter many emotional changes, especially for those teens that are away from their families and friends.

For those students out there who are separated from their families, I know it is really difficult to be in a place where all you see are strangers. It is never easy to live in a dormitory especially when there is no one you trust and know, plus you have to budget your weekly allowance to sustain all your needs from food, drinks to books, wash your clothes because your mom is not there to do it for you, and the hardest part of all is that you can’t talk to anyone about how you feel because you are pretty sure that they would not understand you.

Many college students also experience persistent bullying because of their religious affiliations, sexual orientation, and more. Because of this many students are attempting suicide. Some of them become successful at doing it and many of them are saved because of schools’ counseling programs.

For those who are still unaware, suicide is the tenth leading cause of teenagers’ death in many places all over the world. Based on studies, females attempt suicide more than males at a rate of 3:1. The most common signs of a suicidal teen are obvious changes in behavior at home and in school, loss of interest in activities, changes in appearance, and extreme and unusual behavior and dialogue.

If you have encountered these signs from your friend or even yourself, it is better to let someone know, or share this with anyone who you trust and ask for help so you can save your friend, or even yourself.

Swimming For Weight Loss

A swimming pool might not be the very first place you would consider when you are looking for ways to shape up, but maybe it should be. No other fitness routine boosts metabolism, burns calories and tones all the muscles in the body better than swimming. And you can achieve all these benefits without putting stress on your joints.

It’s not hard to search for evidence; you don’t have to look further. Natalie Coughlin is a great testament how water can carve a sultry, sculpt figure. You do not have to be an Olympian either to get that ideal silhouette. Indiana University researchers evaluated non-swimmers with recreational fitness swimmers. They discovered that swimmers regardless of age had trimmer hips and waists and lean muscle.

Swimming may not offer the fastest solution, but all you just need are three (3) main items – swimwear, goggles and cap – and you are all set to hit the pool. Make a splash with one (1) of the greatest exercise for both men and women.

There are plenty of fitness centers that offer swimming pools as a remarkable fitness resource. Swimming is an exceptional cardiovascular workout that is comfortable for your joints and other parts. It can help improve both weight loss and fitness level.

It is possible that you are already well-aware that cardiovascular workout is one (1) of the most excellent things you can accomplish for your wellness. Maybe, an injured back, aching knees or weak ankles is giving you a hard time to get as much exercise as you want. But there is always a technique you can incorporate to exercise while dealing with your limitations. If you keep an open mind, you can definitely figure it out.

A cardiovascular routine is any periodic motion employing large muscle groups that raise the heart rate. As your heart rate increases, the temperature of your body will also increase. This can make your body burn calories. Jogging, walking, biking and elliptical are other cardiovascular exercise aside from swimming.

You might wonder why the water works when you can’t see any sweat just like when you are exercising at the gym. There are various body-shaping benefits of swimming that result in an ideal storm of calorie burn as well as muscle recruitment. A simple swim can burn more or less 500 calories every hour. If you do it vigorously, you can easily torch 700 calories.

These effects are also possible when someone exercises, avoids a high-carbs diet and includes proper supplementation. Some experts stated that you can use garcinia cambogia tablets to burn extra fat faster. But you have to make sure you are following the instructions on the labels as well as the dosage. Overdosing will not give you the fastest ticket to that sexy body. Doing this may bring in more danger than a solution.

Water is more than 750 times denser than air, every push, pull and kick is like a little resistance exercise for the entire body – specifically the hips, core, glutes, arms and shoulders. You are not only burning plenty of calories when you swim, you also build lean muscle.

The American College of Sports Medicine released guidelines for exercise prescription. They recommend an hour or more of moderate to intense physical exercise or activity each day to sustain weight loss.

You can begin by doing half an hour daily and little by little increase up to the suggestion. Learn by heart that exercise does not have to be an hour all at once. It is alright to do a brief routine. For example, you could execute 30 minutes, twice or thrice daily to match the recommended 60 to 90 minutes overall.

To some health and fitness experts, swimming is most likely the most amusing, low impact and vigorous way to exercise. Your experience, gender or age won’t matter at all if you want to enroll in water aerobics as an excellent cardiovascular routine.

When you partner swimming with a healthy diet, in no time you will start losing those excess body weight. The result is somehow similar when you are running or jogging. Swimming is a form of exercise that perfectly combines the upper and lower part of the body. This is incredible and a complete body fitness exercise. While you are in the water, you can get a great cardio exercise. Also, you will enjoy so many benefits from the resistance of the water to help work on problem areas.

Swimming is a fine method to elevate your balance and core strength. Doing it for even an hour, three (3) or four (4) times weekly, can significantly minimize the threats of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. It has also the capacity to bring down the bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and resting heart rate.

Furthermore, swimming aids the rise of good cholesterol level (HDL) and reduces the blood pressure. This is a real complete body exercise and an ultimate method to shape up and be fit.

Before designing your own swimming routine, consider consulting a physician first. Stretch before and after you hit the water. You can also ask the help and guidance of a certified swimming instructor to customize a swimming routine just for you.

Au pair internship in Paris

More than 20,000 families have received an Au Pair in Paris through an agency since 1999. By an abuse of language, it is often referred to “girls” Au Pair, but this term does not exclude in any case the candidate from the male gender.

What is an Au Pair?

The term “Au Pair” refers to a young man or a young foreign girl, coming to France to improve their knowledge of French in sharing the life of a family. Investments in Au Pair in France are governed by a placement agreement Au pair of a foreign trainee assistant family.

In exchange for 30 hours of weekly child care and light housekeeping, the person placed au pair receives, lodging and pocket money. For American, Canadian or English au pair, your agency Au Pair Paris does not accompany you through your project. Because your children are also our priority, our au pair agency rigorously selects the most qualified candidate.

Au Pair Why Paris?

For the seriousness and quality of our selection of your au pair, administrative management of your file, the advice and the availability of your contacts in France or the USA. Whether the English-daughter pair, the American pair, the Canadian peer or other Anglo-Saxon countries, professionalism and experience make recruitment agency Au Pair agency in Paris a single pair in France. Au Pair Paris is the only agency in French peer to have an office in the US led by an American professional. Thanks to its formula with great service, you will appreciate the unique benefits advice and our Au Pair agency.

The websites offering to connect girls and families are no guarantee. Neither the candidates nor the families are controlled. Many girls fall without being motivated and never give an answer, girls can not get a visa at par enroll hoping that a family does not necessarily accept knowing that it is illegal; families who are poorly behaved in the past and who can no longer go through an agency will also register on the Internet.

Moreover, via the Internet, you do not have the monitoring of local correspondents nor our guidelines for living that takes place legally. Finally, we are regularly alerted to the “scams” related to free websites: nonexistent families upon arrival, family who do not pay their au pair or who ask for money to pay for the trip. Foreign host families agencies are, in turn, registered in the corresponding in the country will be carried placement.

For your departure abroad, the agencies are not UFAAP sectored … You choose the agency based on the proposed destinations, reputation, the contact you’ve had with it, its rates … Membership in the association is a more reliable because the agencies are committed to respecting a demanding quality charter.

We provide guidance to our local correspondents and families on the tasks that you may be requested, and which can not in any case be requested. Generally, in addition to child care itself (games, monitoring homework, bathing, preparing breakfast or meals for children), foster families ask young Au Pair active participation in housework .

Yes I do. The young men placement exists as well! Far fewer families willing to take the young men to look after their children, but attitudes are changing gradually. Some US agencies do not accept applications from young men given the small proportion of American families accepting them.

We strongly recommend to future boys Au Pair contact the agencies so they can receive counseling on the possibilities of acceptance of their file and/or optionally the orientation towards a more open countries to accept young men.

If the person you host does not suit you, the role of the agency UFAAP you depend on will help you solve the problem and possibly change or candidate.

Fast healthy breakfast suggestions for children

Breakfast time is regarded as the crucial nourishment from the day and it is crucial on your own youngster’s health insurance and growth! A healthy, healthy breakfast time is also a great improvement in your kids establishment period! This is the brain meals they must be warn together with efficient towards the daily research.

Frequently, it’s difficult to acquire kids to remain the following day with a full-course a treat! Nevertheless there are more speedy, healthful options should you identify your youngster too sleepy to get a full dinner or if celebration is an issue. Morning hours food might be much more prompted driving while impaired your son or daughter included in really planning the day a treat. Test it as soon as to find out precisely what should come pc. Ensure they know how considerable their particular help along with your cooking area actually is to a person individually. Additionally; it could be called a superb moment for this to obtain a full partner and youngsters obtained over the dining room table! It is all totally based mostly on ones beloved ones daily activities along with hobbies.

If you find getting the young kids excited about the entire mealtime the following day to become difficult..!really don’t get worried. It’s considerable to at least encourage them to consume various other fast healthy selections. There are lots of quick, well balanced methods of you to decide on coming from. Some of the.!.

Take a look at some diet plan to have your young ones choosing this day


Drinking some sort of revitalizing juice healthy smoothie makes it easier to supply more fruit and veggies for your daily diet, and also kids really like these. Rattles offer you a attractive variety of vegetables and fruits. Also they are simple and satisfaction to produce.
Blueberry Pineapple Wholesome early morning shake


Only one glass cubed fresh blueberry
Only two apples sliced
One particular cup unsweetened scented soy items milk products
A single pot non-fat natural yoghurts (just about any flavour)
Ice cubes
Sweetener in the event popular


Blend thoroughly clean pineapples, apples, fragrant scented soy whole milk, reduced fat yogurt, together with ice within the machine.
Mixture until eventually sleek. Provides regarding Four!
Carrot Any fruit juice Healthful morning hours shake


A single pot peeled in addition to diced carrots
An individual 1/2 cup any fruit juice
1/2 goblet cool h2o
Ice cubes


Chuck almost all ingredients to a blender or perhaps blender. Combine till smooth

Treats along with Bagels

With regard to much more healthy treats or perhaps bagels obviously; actually need your hand made type. It is best to cause them to together with wheat grains flour. Hand made bran muffins are fantastic with some zero fat butter in addition to lowered sugar jam or possibly quickly take and are also an excellent source of fiber! Apple company corporation in addition to pear butter on top may also present you with a number of added in wide variety.

Beneath is really a nutritious recipke I’m certain your kids will require current debts have the ability to. Which statements you cannot have got chicken wings for breakfast every day?

Muffin Poultry wings


3 english muffins
hen wings gravy
grated mozzarella cheese
One cut low-fat deli sliced crazy
Just two scrambled children (may well swap ovum beaters)


Decrease both the main treats by 50 percent. Best possessing garlic bread spices or herbs, grated mozerella; reduce this halloween, as well as egg. Place under toaster to get a short while. Modify controls want. Offer the child the sheet associated with fresh fruit independently!

Fruit Soups

There are many variations connected with berry eating salads and incredibly, they are great every time during the day…in addition to for breakfast every day. Berries consuming preparing salads are excellent by incorporating non-fat reduced fat natural yogurt plunge!

Breakfast every day Casseroles

There are several types of casseroles for breakfast every day. Along with encourage them to healthy, you can include almost any veggies you need and it is important to put in more day-to-day daily allowance associated with vegetables. Employing bulgaria money along with funds as well as decreased body fat cheeses is best suited with regards to healthful casseroles! Also having an ovum alternative for instance egg cell beaters gives you much less excess fat and in addition cholestrerol levels. As well as casseroles, you can also make these ahead the night time in front of and in addition crop up these types of in the variety daily.

Past due Lunch

Also have dried up many fruits, crazy, visits, sunflower seed; pumpkin greens, and also piste combos open to decrease directly into encased plastic-type substance baggage for the people morning hours when event merely will not let for the morning meal mealtime. Help make for sure just about every kid gets one of these simple totes before leaving the property.

There you have it.!.just a couple of tips to maintain breakfast every single day nutritious for types kids! Also.!.make sure you eat a advantageous breakfast by yourself.

How To Find An Internship In Canada

Internships are almost a right-of-passage for new graduates. As an intern, you have the opportunity to work for a large company, learning the ropes and getting a great deal of life experience. While many internships do not pay you any money, some do provide with a small honorarium. Of course, many interns actually end up working for the very company that they interned at. So, short-term pain for long-term gain, financially speaking.

There are thousands of college students vying for the same internships that you are looking at, but how do you set yourself apart, how do you get that internship you have been looking at? Here is how to find an internship in Canada.

First of all, you need to be open-minded about the opportunities for internships. You should apply at every internship you can find, with many different companies. Look for any positions you feel you are qualified for, or that you are interested in. Look for companies that you also want to work for after graduation, because as was stated before, many interns go on to work for the companies they interned at. No sense interning at a company you hate, only to be offered a job there once your internship is completed.

Second, finding the internship itself typically comes down to your college or university. Most campuses have a career centre, and a website, that shows local and national intern opportunities. These centres also help you with crafting a good resume, and workshops to help you in the all-important interview stage. You don’t have to go through the college though. There are several websites including and, which help you find companies that are hiring interns, and allow you to send your resume in directly to them. You can also read reviews by former interns, who have worked at these businesses to determine if they are where you actually want to intern. You can also go to to see job listings, company reviews and salaries. Don’t forget about looking on the company websites themselves to see if there are any internships available.

Third, always be prepared and always network on LinkedIn. There are ample opportunities on LinkedIn if you are willing to connect with people. In addition, make sure you pay attention to how your social media profile may impact your hiring. If your profile picture is you with your spouse, or your child, that is great. If your profile picture is you drinking a large jug of alcohol and your cover photo is something offensive, don’t expect to be hired. Assuming that employers looking for interns aren’t going to look at your profile page is a big mistake to make. They absolutely will look at your profile page, so make it look good. This goes for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn especially. In a recent study by Career Enlightenment, it found that 50 per cent of all employers will use Facebook to find talent. Make a good impression before you even meet the employer with your social media profile.

Fourthly, speaking of LinkedIn, most recruiters will use LinkedIn to find candidates for internships, and to learn more information about you. Make sure you keep your LinkedIn profile page up-to-date with your education and experience as a well.

Once you find the internship and are hired, you now need to turn that internship into a full-time job. You can do this by understanding that you are not going to have fun work to start. You are going to be filing, doing menial tasks, and it will be boring but that doesn’t mean the job will be. Show enthusiasm and build trust early on to help increase your chances of being hired once the internship is done. Look at the office culture and follow it. If everyone shows up to meetings 20 minutes early, then you need to do the exact same. In addition, focus on the task at hand and do it to the best of your ability. Be confident in your work, but don’t be over confident. Above all else, make sure you take the work seriously. This could be a stepping stone to a bigger and better career for you, so don’t blow it.

Internships can be thankless jobs for some, but if you find the right internship, you can turn it into something more. Do your research beforehand and make sure you find the right internship for you, and don’t delay when you apply. Sometimes the first to be hired are the first to apply.

The Importance of Educational Internship

Internships are short-term work experiences that enable you to note and participate in professional work environments and explore exactly how your interests associate with possible professions. They are essential learning possibilities that can guide you make notified choices concerning your career path.

The video show’s a student who shares her entire internship experience.

The objective of this video is to show the importance of education and internships to students as premier word integrated learning. In this we connect employers, educators and student to develop dynamic harmonies of talent, encounter and education in the workforce.